Ancient Geological Sites of Eurobodalla

Our 4.6 billion year-old planet has the most fantastic story to tell, and a part of that story is right here in Eurobodalla. It's been said 'if only these walls could talk,' well the rock-walls and cliffs along this beautiful coastline, and inland in the great dividing range, are full of chatter, of ice ages and sea level rises; ancient continents; volcanic eruptions; early life forms and inland seas.

This world-class gallery of amazing formations and folds of sandstone, siltstone, shale, granite and basalt along Eurobodalla's coast in some places date back as far as 510 million years, while the coastline itself was shaped around 90 to 70 million years ago when the Lord Howe Rise rifted away from what is now the south-east coast. In recent times geologically speaking, that is over the last two to three million years, there has been extensive variation in the sea-level along the east coast relating to northern hemisphere glacial periods.

From the stunning sandstone in the north at the edge of the Sydney Basin at Durras, to the dramatic chert and mudstone rocks, with their angular faults and folds, that arise out of the sea at Mystery Bay, with Montague Island a backdrop and the unpredictable Tasman Sea lapping insistently at your heels, a trip along Eurobodalla's coast and into the mountain wilderness is a journey through time you'll never forget.

  • Wasp Head

    Wasp Head Feature Image

    Spectacular sandstone cliffs and amazing rock formations

  • Myrtle Beach

    Myrtle beach Feature Image

    Where sandstone cliffs meet Ordovician rocks

  • Guerilla Bay

    Guerilla Bay Feature Image

    See ancient tectonic melange at Guerilla Bay

  • Bendethera Caves

    Bendethera Caves Feature Image

    Sparkling limestone and rare wattle make Bendethera unique

  • Bingie Bingie Point

    Bingie Bingie Point Feature Image

    Bingie Bingie Point is of intense interest to geologists

  • Montague Island

    Montague Island Feature Image

    Created from a volcanic eruption 95 million years ago

  • Surf Beach Narooma

    Surf Beach Feature Image

    Glasshouse Rocks are around 510-440 miilion years old

  • Mystery Bay

    Mystery Bay Feature Image

    The bay and its dramatic rocks that arise from the sea and along the shoreline

  • Gulaga Mountain

    Gulaga Mountain Feature Image

    Gulaga is another world full of ancient mystery