Narooma to Dalmeny and Return

This world class, stunningly scenic ride, follows the foreshores of Wagonga Inlet, the Pacific Ocean and Mummaga Lake. The route is graded as easy and uses an off road shared pathway. It includes a magnificent boardwalk along the Wagonga Inlet, where you will see fish life including some of the large rays that live in the Inlet entrance. Fabulous ocean views abound. With whales galore in the season There are terrific cafe and restaurant opportunities.

ROUTE: Nar 1 - Narooma Family Ride (Simply the Best Ride)

DISTANCE: 21 km return

GRADE: Easy, family friendly


SUITABLE: Road bikes

Whilst this detail sheet starts at Narooma it is of course possible to start at Dalmeny or anywhere along the route. You can do the return journey or just part of the route. In Narooma you can start at the car park in Riverside Dr or down on Forsters Bay where the seafood restaurants are located. This cycle route is signed as Nar1

At Dalmeny, the Sporting Club is a handy start and finish point. In Narooma you can ride up to the Narooma Pilot Station headland south of the wharves and down to the Australia Rock on the southern breakwater with its resident seal or two. You can divert out to the northern break water at the end of the boardwalk (gravel road). On the way past Kianga you can visit the headlands for even more great views.

The route is mainly off-road shared pathway and is therefore family friendly. Take care when approaching or passing pedestrians. The return journey to Narooma is the same as the outward journey.

No detailed Cue Sheet has been prepared for this ride as the route is self evident, all you need to do is follow the shared pathway and signs.

Cue Sheet

The following notes will assist with your enjoyment of the ride:

  • START at the big car park in Riverside Drive near the seafood restaurants. Follow the cycle route signs Nar 1
  • Head towards the Narooma Highway Bridge from the start point. When you reach the highway you turn left and cross the bridge. But before you do, you might like to turn right and explore the pathway that runs between the inlet foreshore and the caravan park. This takes you past the Swimming Pool and the town wharves. Keep going, until you pass the children's playground. Turn left here and head up the rise to the headland for spectacular views of the inlet entrance. This is also a great whale spotting location.
  • When leaving here, make a right turn down to the water and head out to the end of the southern breakwater. Watch the waves come crashing in and if you look carefully on the breakwater rocks, you should see a large seal or two.
  • Make your way back up the hill and back on to the shared pathway at the childrens playground. Now retrace your path to the Narooma Bridge.
  • Cross the bridge by walking your bike along the walkway. Follow the pathway alongside the highway until it drops down to the start of the long timber boardwalk. Take your time to study the fish life along side the boardwalk.
  • As an optional diversion, at the end of the boardwalk head for the toilet block and follow the path to the top of the car park. Here you will find a gravel road that leads out towards the end of the northern breakwater. If your bike is suitable for gravel roads, this is a diversion that is worthwhile. Retrace your route to the car park and rejoin the Dalmeny shared pathway again near the toilet block.
  • All you have to do now, is follow the pathway to Dalmeny. You will pass a number of gravel tracks off towards the ocean, all of them are worthwhile for the view of the coastline.
  • You will pass a cafe at Kianga with great views.
  • There is a further cafe at the Dalmeny shopping area. When you reach the Dalmeny Sporting Club, this is the turn around point as well as another opportunity for refreshments.
  • To return to Narooma simply take the same route as your outward journey.