What to see and do in Narooma

Breathtaking is the word for a first visit to Narooma. Narooma is not a sight you would ever grow tired of with Montague Island sitting offshore, Gulaga (Mount Dromedary) dominating in the background against the colours of Wagonga Inlet - a multitude of blues.

It's easy to see why Narooma is a mecca for fishing enthusiasts. Around the waters of Montague Island you can chase kingfish, marlin and yellowfin tuna as well as many reef species. Explore beautiful Wagonga Inlet on a charter or hire a boat and make your own adventure. The pristine waterways of Narooma and Wagonga Inlet have been protected by the Batemans Marine Park so future generations can enjoy them.

Embark on a whale watching tour between September and November for memories to last a lifetime. A tour to Montague Island is the ultimate Narooma experience - you can even stay overnight! Get up close and personal, with a truly unforgettable encounter, snorkelling or diving with Montague Island's resident seal colony.

The Mill Bay Boardwalk is the perfect way to appreciate the natural beauty of Narooma - it takes you out over the water where large schools of fish and stingrays make graceful appearances. Use your pedal-power and get yourself front row seats to some of Narooma's finest beaches, coves and headlands by taking to the local cycleway.

The cliff-top golf course offers stunning views out to Montague Island - in spring it is common to spot whales. The course is both a pleasure to play and a challenge for golfers, recognised as one of the country's best.

Australia Rock is a popular photo opportunity. Viewed at just the right angle, the hole in the rock at Wagonga Head, has an uncanny resemblance to a map of Australia (without Tasmania). There are various explanations for how the rock formed into this continental likeness, including that it is simply a natural result of thousands of years of erosion of the ancient chert and shale headland. One of the more interesting tales is that the hole was created inadvertently when a ship was moored to the heads with large chains. In heavy seas the chains wore away the rock to create the familiar shape we see today.

Visitors to Narooma are spoilt with accommodation options from beachside campgrounds and caravan parks to holiday houses, cosy cottages, B & Bs, and comfortable motels. With plenty of accommodation on offer, you can make the most of your holiday and spend more time enjoying Narooma's amazing attractions.

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