Blithe Spirit - A comedy by Noel Coward

When: 9th Apr 2017 2:00pm - 29th Apr 2017 7:30pm

Where: Bay Theatre Players, 33 Gregory Street, Batemans Bay

A happy wife equals a happy life, or so they say. Watch what happens to a happily married couple when an after dinner séance recalls the ghost of his first wife who refuses to return to wherever she came from.

Confusion reigns as the current wife can’t see or hear the ghost, only her husband’s strange comments and odd behaviour. What is the real reason Elvira came back? Can our medium, Madam Arcati, exorcise this ghost? Unhappy wife plus happy ghost wife does not equal a happy life for the husband. Fortunately for us, it does equal a clever stage comedy with lots of laughter.

Blithe Spirit Performances

2:00 pm        Sunday 9th April          Preview                                 $12 all tickets
2:00 pm        Saturday 15th April      Lantern Club fundraiser        $22 all tickets
7:30 pm        Friday 21st April           Botanic Gardens fundraiser  $25 - Contact 4471 3271 for tickets
2:00 pm        Saturday 22nd April      Matinee                                $20 adult $18 concession
2:00 pm        Sunday 23rd April         AWL fundraiser                    $22 all tickets
7:30 pm        Wednesday 26th April  Maranatha fundraiser           $25 all tickets
7:30 pm        Friday 28th April           Evening show                       $20 adult $18 concession
7:30 pm        Saturday 29th April       Evening show                      $20 adult $18 concession

Tickets can be purchased at our Box Office:  Bargain Box, Shop 6, Homemaker Centre, Cranbrook Road, Batemans Bay from 9:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday, and 9:00am to 12:00noon Saturday. Or you can phone the Box Office on 4472 5984 and purchase your tickets using your credit card, then collect them at the door on the day of the performance.

Please note that some performances are being run as fund-raisers for other organisations - Lantern Club; Botanic Gardens; Animal Welfare League and Maranatha.  These ticket prices are a little higher, but include a supper or afternoon tea and the opportunity to participate in that organization's raffle on the day.